Daylight Training

Daylight Training

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It is no secret that home for us in Melbourne. We love our leavy greenwedge suburb, hilly as it is, it really is home for us. Because we are in Melbourne we are now officially on Daylight Savings Time.

I love summer – the extra daylight, the warmth, training in daylight, iced coffee. I don’t really enjoy the mosquitoes, bugs, snakes but hey it is what it is.

As much as I love summer and I especially love the being able to do my evening training (yeah I find it almost impossible to train in the morning) I am finding it really hard to adjust to Daylight Savings this time around. Yep that one measly hour jump forward this year has really thrown me. Maybe it’s the difficulty sleeping I honestly don’t know but I do know that that one little hour change is making my internal body clock go WTF!

Because I have been struggling to adjust I have been doing a little research (you know its really Google searching, so it HAS to be true right 😆) to work out how I can get my internal clock adjusted and raring to go.

So here are my favourite easy to implement tips on how to help you adjust to Daylight Savings in case you are struggling just like me!

  1. Keep where you sleep super dark
  2. When you wake up use daylight to your advantage – work in bright rooms, start your day in as much daylight as possible
  3. Try and keep your normal routine – if you normally eat at 12 keep eating at 12 etc
  4. At night minimise your exposure to bright light
  5. Try and avoid exercise in the few hours before you go to bed
  6. Short catnaps only, not long naps

My biggest take aways are to get out in the light when I get up as much as possible. Try to keep to my normal routine and when I do nap to only have short naps not long naps.

If all else fails hey there is always coffee, running and my trusted get me to sleep podcast Sleep With Me.

How are you coping with the change? What are your tips on getting back to feeling like you are dealing with your normal routine?

Oh and please hit me up with tip you can give on how to train in the morning not the evening!!!

Sa x

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