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Our Top 5 Tips to Beating The Training Blues

The Unnatural UnUltra Ultra Runner Reading Our Top 5 Tips to Beating The Training Blues 3 minutes Next As The Darkenss Creeps In

Number 1: Keep Moving

Yep, This sounds crazy, doesn’t it! But when you stop that’s when you lose your momentum (literally) – it is also when you get cold! Stay warm and keep moving, stay active – don’t let inactivity creep in. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours worth of training and moving. Little bits add up. But keeping moving will help you stay motivated and stop the isolation waistline increase. If you need to move indoors, don’t worry – be creative or get online and use something like Zwift to help motivate you.


Number 2: Keep Visible

Wear bright colours or better yet bright colours with lots of reflective details or even better yet wear lights! Stop wearing all black and dark colours out there. The daylight hours are getting less and less this coupled with overcast conditions and inadequate street lighting is a recipe for disaster for humans meeting traffic. You know what it’s like when you drive along and don’t see someone until you are right on top of them and you are left wondering where the hell did that person come from??? Don’t be that person – make yourself visible! If you are heading out on your own, make sure you have an app like Glympse set up and are actually using it so people can see you are ok.


Number 3: Fuel Properly

It might be cold out there, but you will still sweat. You also still need to make sure you are nourishing your body right to get the task at hand done. So drink up, make sure your electrolytes are balanced, and you have enough energy to get the movement done. This includes making sure you use enough anti-chafe in the right places – especially if the COVID calories have gotten the better of you and things aren’t fitting quite as they were.


Number 4: Be Accountable/Find Your Why

This might mean getting a coach, it might mean having a training buddy (four-legged or two). It might mean telling your friends, family, cheer squad what you want to do and ensuring they help you keep moving and motivated. Find something that works for you! It could be as simple as keeping a log/diary or wanting to improve on things you have already done. It could be simply setting a goal that you want to reach!


Number 5: Wear The Right Gear

I would almost put money on the fact that you wouldn’t want to run a marathon in stilettos, so why would you want to run outside in winter in summer kit? That’s just crazy. Make sure you dress appropriately and for how you will be feeling once you are warmed up and moving. Fingers get cold? Wear gloves; Raining? Wear a good quality rain jacket; Want to go the distance? Carry your fuel and hydration; Don’t want the rain in your eyes? Wear a hat; Get cold? Get a Buff! You get the idea! The right gear makes a MASSIVE difference not only to your enjoyment of what you are doing but also to your motivation.

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