Visible Runner Co - Proviz Distributor, Importer & Retailer For Australia and New Zealand -  Sarah Lovison Chief Cheerleader - About Us

Hi, I'm Sarah

the chief cheerleader at Visible Runner Co. I am a distance
trail runner at heart but do a lot of on road and on treadmill training k’s.

I first discovered Proviz after a couple of
super close calls on the road with cars and I needed a solution that kept me
visible, was super comfy, reflected (see what I did there) my own personality
and was practical. After searching high and low I finally found this awesome UK
brand that was created by two brothers Rupert and Anthony because they were
sick of close calls as cyclists, Proviz.

Visible Runner Co

has curated the best that Proviz’s award-winning range has
to offer for runners of all types. We have brought Proviz to Australia as their
exclusive running and outdoor retailer and distributor, sending daily from our
warehouse in Melbourne direct to all of Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for high quality, comfortable running
gear that is going to keep you safe and running explore the range by clicking the button below.

Proviz Creators Bob and Ant Langley Smith

Bob & Ant - Proviz Creators

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