Lyering up to run in winter - Running Safety with Visible Runner Co
Running Safety

Embrace the Chilly Vibes: Mastering the Art of Layering for Cold-Weather Running in Australia

As winter descends upon the beautiful landscapes of Australia, runners face a unique challenge: staying warm and safe without compromising their performance or worse overheating. The key lies in la...
Random thoughts endurance athletes have when training
Training & Life

Inside the head of a distance runner

I have always maintained that endurance athletes (I included myself in that statement even if right now my distances are short in comparison) are a little bit and sometimes a lot crazy. We tend to ...
Visible Runner Co the Home of Proviz Australia Stop Limiting Your Ability with Words
Mental Health

Stop Limiting Yourself With Words

I want to set you a practical challenge. You see words (and thoughts) have power. Not just a little power a LOT of power. This year we are all about embracing your power, and smashing through limit...
Setting your running goals with Visible Runner Co the home of Proviz in Australia
Running Goals

Stop Making Resolutions

Yep, it’s a bold statement. Stay with me as I explain. I am writing this at the dawn of a brand-new year. This means the talk of New Year Resolutions is abundant and a little daunting, to be honest...
Visible Runner Co Top  5 Tips to Summer Run Training - How to get the most from your summer run training
Training & Life

Summer Training Survival

So it is officially summer here in the southern hemisphere. Melbourne has done its typical boiling hot for a few days then needing to turn the heater on the next; well, they do say variety is the s...
Visible Runner Co - Blog Kindness is Free
Mental Health


Have you heard the saying, "Kindness is free – so sprinkle that shit everywhere"? This can apply in many ways, especially as we rapidly approach a traditionally crazy and busy time of year. We don'...
Daylight Training
Training & Life

Daylight Training

It is no secret that home for us in Melbourne. We love our leavy greenwedge suburb, hilly as it is, it really is home for us. Because we are in Melbourne we are now officially on Daylight Savings T...
its magpie swooping season!!
Running Safety

Spring has sprung

So it’s Spring… Have you got your armoured hat at the ready? Yep, its officially Magpie season. For runners, cyclists, walkers and outdoor people everywhere it’s the time of year where nightmares c...
Running form by Emily Donker - What happens to us as we fatigue. How to maintain good running form
Guest Blog

What Happens To Your Running Form As You Fatigue - Guest Blog by Emily Donker

Emily (we super affectionately call her Em 😉) Is one of the worlds nicest humans. She is a super knowldegable and qualified podiatrist, running and triathlon coach and Pro Triathlete! She shares he...
Visible Runner Co - Proviz Running Australia - Running Blog

Geronimo - What is Failure?

I want to right about “Does it make you happy” but honestly, I just can’t and something I have always strived to do is be honest (I have not always been perfect at this, but I have always tried my ...
Visible Runner Co - Proviz Running Australia - Running Blog

Winter Training Blues

Let me set the scene – it’s 7.30 in the morning and it’s still pitch black outside. The rain is alternating between pelting down and a depressing drizzle. You can see each and every breath in front...
Visible Runner Co - Proviz Running Australia - Running Blog

5 Things Runners Should NEVER Do!

You may not know this about me but I used to be a Pilates instructor. I LOVED it. I was a super hands-on, passionate, small group class (max of 4 participants) teacher. During this time and as I ha...